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24 Hour Emergency Service

Emergency and Critical Care

Pet A&E is the emergency and critical care division of Landon Veterinary Specialists. Our emergency team is available daily, including public holidays, around the clock to respond to patients that require immediate attention.

Our Emergency and Critical Care facility is well-equipped to provide best-in-class treatment and monitoring.

Helmed by a Board-certified Criticalist, our specialised team comprises experienced veterinarians and nurses trained to provide urgent care in life-threatening situations. The team also provides 24-hour care to our hospitalised patients, monitoring your pet closely at all times.


Let Us Help

What to Do in an Emergency

Call our hotline at +65 6463 7228

Our team will be able to advise you if you need to bring your pet to our clinic for a consultation with a veterinarian. 

If you are coming to our clinic after regular operating hours, please ring the doorbell and wait for assistance.

Consultation Fees

Consultation: $155

Public Holiday Consultation $200

Inclusive of GST

A fee estimate will be provided if your pet requires any procedure, diagnostic imaging or hospitalisation.

Waiting Time

Waiting times vary depending on the number of critical cases at that time. Patients may not be seen on a first come, first served basis.

 Priority will be given to patients with critical medical conditions. 

View our triage policy

Triage Policy

All patients are triaged on arrival

When you bring your pet to Pet A&E, a triage nurse will assess your pet's condition. An emergency veterinarian will then speak to you about a preliminary diagnosis and next steps. 

Triage Guide

We follow the following guidelines when assessing pets upon arrival:


Pet requires immediate attention and will be seen as soon as possible.

E.g. Respiratory distress, 

open cavities, acute poisoning, severe trauma, actively seizures, collapsed / loss of consciousness, pale mucous membranes, inability to urinate etc.

Very Urgent

Pet requires attention very urgently and will be given priority.

E.g. Pregnant cat / dog with labour difficulties,

active bleeding, severe pain,  known foreign body ingestion, blood in urine etc. 


Pet requires medical attention urgently and will be prioritised if possible.

E.g. Non-life threatening haemorrhage, abdominal distension, signs of pain,  fractures, allergic reaction, deterioration of pet with known condition etc. 


Pet requires medical care and will need to be seen by a veterinarian. Expect some waiting time.

E.g. Other trauma, not eating, diarrhoea and vomitting, coughing etc. 

Not Urgent

Pet does not require immediate medical care; Owner opts to be seen by a veterinarian. Expect longer waiting times.

E.g. Diarrhoea without vomiting, eye issues, skin and ear issues, minor wounds etc.

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